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7:30pm Monday nights are family night dinners at Aunty Henga’s. Was going to ask if there would be chicken and rice but remembered it’s a Samoan family dinner, of course there’ll be chicken and rice. 9:oopm I’ve never had a protein shake before but it’s not bad. Apparently it looks “disgusting” and “undrinkable” because I’m allergic to dairy products and used water instead of milk. 10:00pm Face is slowly expanding like Will Smith’s in Hitch. Turns out whey protein powder contains whey. No more protein shakes for me. Feel like


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Canadian home prices are off the charts, and a lot of people say they are not sustainable. But what that means is vague. (Reuters) First of all, what is a real crash? Think Toronto in 1989 . Prices fell off a cliff. The average cost of a home in Toronto hit a whopping $273,698, a 30-year high. Then the bottom fell out. By 1996, that average had fallen to $198,150. (Yes, you read that right, you could buy a home in Toronto for a mere fraction of the $920,000 it costs today.) Like then, some owners would be largely unaffected by a crash today. Someone who isn't going to move and has a lot of equity


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The Overseas Investment Office granted consent on Friday in spite of the New Zealand Commerce Commission declining clearance back in February because it could substantially lessen competition in the mobile telecommunications and broadband markets. Latest New Zealand news Xero passes 1 million subscribers, doubles down on AI Sky and Vodafone were able to gain approval from the Overseas Investment Office instead of the commission because both companies are more than 25 percent owned by overseas entities, and because their asset value and purchase price are both worth more than $100 million. "The